Mysore with Charlotte 

Hi Friends,

I'm Charlotte and I'm offering the Mysore style early morning classes (Tues and Thursday, 7-9am) starting this week! (And by the way these classes are FREE all of October!)

This style can seem foreign at first, so I wanted to give a brief introduction. Or, just watch this 3min video from one of my teacher's mysore rooms--it captures the spirit beautifully!

Mysore is the traditional, old world method of teaching yoga. It's a one-on-one relationship with the practice, and it builds incrementally over time as you memorize a set sequence, practice at your own pace, and set your own goals. Here's some FAQs:

The studio's open for 2 hours, when do I come?
You can come at any time! I'll be explaining the method at 7am and again at 8am as a group for the first few days, but if you have an existing mysore practice, you can walk in whenever will allow you time to complete your practice before 9am. Once you understand the method, you can arrive at any time between 7 and 9.

What should I expect?
You'll find Mysore a quieter, more meditative and inward-focused space than most classes. Expect to converse with me quietly, but to allow others to practice without interruption. I'll work with you individually throughout your time in studio, moving between all the practitioners to offer input and hands-on adjustments. You'll find a heavy emphasis on alignment and breath at the beginning, you may feel you're moving slower than usual, but you'll also be moving safer!

What happens first?
When you walk in, you'll be given a chart of first series postures that we'll flow through together and memorize step by step over this month. You can preview part of the sheet, attached to this email.
Almost all the poses will be familiar to you if you've taken yoga classes of any kind!

What's the chanting?
There are two traditional mysore chants, an opening and a closing. This week, we'll chant opening at 7:05 and 8:05. Closing at 9am. You'll be given a sheet to start learning the chant, and we'll say it together as a group in a call and response format. Here's a video of opening chant with the words written out:

opening chant ashtanga.gif

It can feel strange, the first few times, to be taking charge of your own movement and pacing, but I believe this model allows us to engage with yoga, our bodies, our breath, and our mental capacities in an unusually deep way.

I'm excited to practice with you!

- Charlotte

Mysore Primary Series.jpg