I am a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, holistic health coach, reiki practitioner, and budding herbalist. My practice gives me tools to find balance in my life and and peace of mind. Each of these healing arts has changed my life and I feel their effects daily. I am so grateful to be a part of this community and to share my love of yoga and wellness.

Why the name Buddhi Tribe?

Buddhi means "wisdom" or "intuition" in Sanskrit. It's an incredibly influencial concept of yogic philosophy. For me, the concept was life changing.

We must feed our intuition by listening to it. When we ignore our intuition, we weaken our ability to call on our Buddhi in our decision making. In this way, we may make decisions based on our ego and other outside influences. This can increase our stress levels, cause depression, brain fog, and basically...put out our fire. That is exactly what happened to me. I was working a job that I knew was limiting me, but I was too afraid to leave. I was staying in a relationship that was unhealthy, for similar reasons. 

In searching for fulfillment , I enrolled in my 200-hour yoga teacher training which could be completed while I continued to work full-time. For some time, I continued to ignore my wisdom. Then, at the end of 2016, I was presented with a situation where I knew it was time to leave my full-time job. I have never felt so free, and so powerful. My intuition had a feast. Within weeks of leaving this job, my recent marriage ended swiftly and traumatically.

Suddenly it was 2017 and I had no job, no husband, and no plan. I truly believe this was the universe smacking me back into my life. I knew I was done compromising. I wanted to follow my passions and I was only going to do things that made me happy. I was sure as hell going to listen to my intuition above all else. It was like being reborn and though it may sound intense, I felt incredibly lucky. I booked a ticket to India to complete my 300-hour yoga teacher training. Here I deepened my spiritual practice, my knowledge and application of yogic philosophy, and of course, my physical practice as well.

Back from India for a mere month and a half, the opportunity to open Buddhi Tribe came along and here I am. I'm thrilled to be on this journey. I may be a yoga teacher, but I am a forever learner and seeker. I learn something new from this tribe every day. My hope is to inspire others and to honor the tradition of yoga and the importance of community - the strength of a Tribe.